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Our mission is simple. But our challenge is great.

The Georgia Ambulance Transparency Project, a grassroots initiative, is fighting to educate the public and policymakers on the abuses and corruption that plague emergency medical services in our state. With your help, we will advocate for tough, new oversight protections of contracting rules and to fight for the implementation of national best-practices and safety standards.

Did you know?

… there are no effective oversight mechanisms of ambulance hiring councils by the Georgia Department of Public Health?

… staff members assigned to the various councils are often influenced by private vendors?

… incumbent ambulance company executives sit on councils with the power to hire themselves?

… Georgia law does not require ambulance companies to follow national best practices or safety standards?

… vendors holding regional contracts have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to state and local politicians?

Our priorities are your priorities.

  • Ban ambulance vendors from serving on Department of Public Health EMS hiring councils;
  • Require vendors to register with the state ethics commission and ban pay-to-play;
  • Require mandatory service provider reviews to ensure safety; and
  • Require that all ambulance providers meet national safety standards and best-practices.

Get the facts.