GATP to issue transparency, ethics report cards

For Immediate Release

February 20, 2020

Atlanta—The Georgia Ambulance Transparency Project, a grassroots ethics and transparency watchdog, announced Thursday it would issue first-ever transparency and accountability report cards for the regional councils that provision and administer emergency medical services across the state.

The Georgia Department of Public Health last year tightened rules and regulations governing ambulance services to eliminate glaring ethics and transparency loopholes. That reform package requires the state’s 10 EMS regional councils to adopt new bylaws to address transparency and accountability concerns.

Specifically, the GATP will be grading councils on the following:

Conflict-of-interest disclosures;
Compliance with Open Meetings rules;
Limitations on single entities occupying multiple seats in the same zone;
Term limits for members and officers;
Clear provider performance metrics;
Regular review and public dissemination of service provider metrics; and
Adherence to national safety standards.

The GATP will issue mid-year grades for those councils that adopt new bylines by July 1 and year-end grades for all 10 regions. Those councils that do not take action within calendar year 2020 will automatically receive an F grade from the GATP.

“The Georgia Ambulance Transparency Project is committed to ensuring that all of the reforms we have fought so hard for are implemented properly—because victims deserve nothing less,” GATP spokesperson Julianne Thompson said. “The GATP is here to stay.”

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